22 February 2008

After an entire month, a few observations about the day's experiences

I assure you that the past month's absence is more a reflection of my state of nerves and laziness than it is a reflection of the quality of my life. Go me!

Today I learned…

  • My only remaining excuse for taking lousy care of my teeth is that I’m just damned lazy.
  • Kansas winters make me homesick. (Go figure.)
  • Fish sticks were not put on sale at Dillons arbitrarily; it’s Lent and there's the whole meatless-Fridays thing going on (not that I bother to observe, though I am fond of fish sticks… hmm… piscatine food-like substance).
  • Cheap LCD displays hate being unused for extended periods of time.
  • There's some dude in town who’s the spitting image of Matt Damon. How strange.
  • Doubling up combined width/max-width/min-width attributes in a parent-child node relationship causes Gecko to prove that π = 3 for extremely small values of π. Or something.
  • When you are heads-down at a coffeehouse, there are few things more terrifying than discovering that the restroom is Out of Order.
  • My MP3 player is sweet in many ways, but its battery life is only a fraction of the length of the playlist it can hold. Argh.
  • Firmware updates are a Good Thing — I no longer need to reboot my POS router every time I power up my MacBook.
  • The aforementioned router (a Linksys WRT54G) apparently will issue a lease on, which caused ZoneAlarm on the desktop to throw no end of conniptions.
  • Bloglines is, like my router, a POS. But I’m too accustomed to having it handy to find a better service.

… and that's it for thus far today.